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JetNation 2021 Mock Draft SELECTIONS only

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With pick 155 the 49ers are happy just to be here on time ūüéāūüéāūüéā.¬†

Now that we are, let's get ourselves a 6'3" WR to help our shiny spanking new QB Justin Fields!

The 49ers Select Damonte Coxie WR- Memphis



@Beerfish is OTC

@King P is On the mother F*ckin Deck! 

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Alright. Let’s do the obvious  With the 2nd pick of the JN draft the New York Jets select: Zach Kapono Wilson, QB, Brigham Young   @GREENBEAN is OTC  @Jetlife33 is on deck

Time is up.  49ers select Justin Fields, QB, Ohio State. @Jetlife33 Falcons otc.  @Wonderboy Bengals on deck.

With the 9th Pick in the JN Mock Draft the New York Jets select  Rashawn Slater, Offensive Lineman, Northwestern   @Dcat is OTC  @T0mShane is on deck

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I just checked in and saw @heymangold sent me his picks. 

Guys  Guys  guys..  send it to all 4 of us.  Thats why there are 4 of us.  I was off line for the last couple hours.

Anyway.. the Ravens select Daelen Hayes, DE, Notre Dame



@Lith ondeck

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With the 172nd pick the Neeeners selct Tight End Sleeper Specialist 

Tre McKitty -   University of Georgia!



@Lith is on the clock

@King P is on the deck

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With pick #179, the Dallas Cowboys select Stanford WR Simi Fehoko.  Obviously, that Dak contract changes the entire face of the Dallas Cowboys salary cap.  Amari Cooper cannot be paid $20 million each of the next 3 seasons.  One more season and he's out.  Gallup out too.  TIme to build with young cheaper offensive weapons around Dak and Zeke.    Simi, no not the character from Coming to America, is this year's late sleeper.


@GREENBEAN  OTC - Washington
@King P Vikings on deck

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