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Why Justin Fields will not and cannot be the #2 pick


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1 minute ago, Philc1 said:

240 yards 1 TD and 1 INT is “good”?

The pick was a hail mary before the end of the first half. A few receivers had some big drops and one touchdown was called back as well. The last play of the game got stopped at the 1. Watch the game.

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Just now, Tranquilo said:

The pick was a hail mary before the end of the second half. A few receivers had some big drops and one touchdown was called back as well. Watch the game.

Even without the pick that’s a very mediocre stat line facing a not great defense

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1 hour ago, Mike135 said:

Sure he can.  But if he wasn't good previously vs average talent...  he's not worth a #2 overall pick.

At this point, as of right now, today, Wilson can throw a football into a thimble sized window from ANYWHERE on the field.  An outstanding point was made in a Mogglez post where he cited Joe Burrow “falling from the sky”.  The same holds true for Wilson.  You can’t hold that against him.

That type of potential DEMANDS he be taken at 2.

Will he fulfill that potential at the highest level?  That is never guaranteed.  But he definitely deserves the high pick status for what his abilities are as of today.  He doesn’t get to choose what teams he played in college.  Different sport but a 19 year old Dwight Gooden once made the jump from A Ball to the top show almost instantaneously.  His level of competition increased dramatically, but it made no difference, they couldn’t touch what he had been throwing in the low minor leagues either...at the highest level.  Couldn’t even come close.

If Wilson can continue to place a ball wherever he wants it to go it will be a similar scenario.  He also appears to be extremely intelligent from an interview I recently saw in which he quickly rolled off all the progressions he processed on a specific play and Why he did what he ultimately did.  Maybe I’m being unfair to Darnold (who I was a fan of) but I think Wilson is a Mensa candidate in comparison.

Lastly, I recently heard an interview with Kim Jones who was either on the field for Wilson’s Pro Day or was relaying this tidbit of information from someone who was.  Apparently anyone watching Joe Douglas watch Wilson working out could see, under his mask, a smile beaming from ear to ear...that only left after the workout was finished.

I’m good with Wilson at 2.


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