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Zach wilson small hands/ arms correlates bad and seen in small frame on highlights


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3 hours ago, cookiemonsta911 said:

I am taking Najee Harris at 2 and not looking back.

He has more integrity in him than Pitts. Harris rode his car to not miss the proday, and does great in big games. 

Pitts takes games off.

Second Harris can block, catch, and run through tackles and he can juke. That guy is a ****en warrior.   

If you did your research you’d know that Harris’s foot size makes him undraftable. 

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5 hours ago, Long Island Leprechaun said:

Let's give Cookiemonsta a break. He's just applied the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle to pro football. Quantum Quarterbacking. Genius.








or not

Yeah but if we don't respond to him does mean he no longer exists? 

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12 hours ago, mrcoops said:

Remember Dan McGwire, 1st round pick by Seattle?

Hugely tall QB, extremely long arms, huge hands.

He must have turned out great.

Brock Osweiler too.  And Ryan Mallett. Oh, and Jim Druckenmiller.

Can no one read???

If they have big hands ****OR***** long arms, they will be a good QB ****OR**** a bad one.

It's simple science people.

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14 hours ago, cookiemonsta911 said:

Yeh so why does Russel wilson have bigger arms and hands at 5 foot 11 than Darnold at 6 foot 3. 

Why Hackenberg at 6 foot 4 has 9inch hands.

I am drafting Trask period.  



Second his highlights say he has the best accuracy in the draft. Probably the best accuracy since Chad Pennington. 

Chad Pennington? How can you not have a 75% accuracy throwing 5 yards passes.

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22 hours ago, FidelioJet said:

This is just trolling now..

And should be stopped.  Wilson's size across the board in mid-range for NFL QB's....Please just stop with this.


Mid range attributes deserve a mid range pick 

2 overall is an elite pick 

The original poster has a point: there's nothing physically special about Zach wilson 

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