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24 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

Way to cut straight to the point. Sam Darnold fits that new offense like a glove.

oj simpson 90s GIF

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The argument to trade down was never about "loving" Darnold.

It was a question of building the team using the value of the #2 pick as a device to get more premium picks.

If Sam turned out to be a genuine starting QB, then that's great.  If he didn't, then there would be sufficient draft capital to address QB at a later point.  And the offer (for a vet) or trade up to pick a new QB would have a Jets roster that is far stronger than our current group.

I think JD may have made the wrong choice, but I'm not betting my football knowledge against his.  So I have fingers crossed and am hoping for the best.  And since past performance does not guarantee future gains, I'm a little nervous about it.

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9 hours ago, Peace Frog said:

What did Ron Goldman say to Nicole Brown Simpson when he met her in Heaven?

”Here’s your f*cking sunglasses”. 

What did Nicole Simpson say to Ron Goldman before he went down on her?

 "Alright. You can do that, but the juice will kill ya"

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