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A message from Mark Schlereth to all of you

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4 hours ago, Tranquilo said:

But the Colts could not have gotten a Peyton Manning if the built up a roster first. The team would've been too good for the number 1 pick. Sometimes you gotta take the guy when you have the chance (if you think he's the guy).

All we need is Wilson to be better than Peyton Manning

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Weird video .. I dont follow him.. liked him as a player . But jesus.. that's some 4th grade humor right there ... is he ok mentally ... literally one if the saddest things i have seen on social m

Yeah well that may be, but at least I never slept with Lumberg.

On 4/12/2021 at 12:12 AM, Be_a_Jet said:

I didn’t even hear what he said on the McAfee podcast so idk what he was even right about. 

if he was talking about the past then I’m sure he’s right. But what is it about Saleh or Joe Douglas that they view as wrong? 

as far as building the roster we have the most premium picks in the league over the next two drafts. I mean we’re gunna build the roster...

It was a poke (and a pretty much good one at that) to get clicks

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