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Breer On Douglas And Saleh's Staff

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All I'm asking for is to be interested in Jets football in....say....late November.  I'm not even asking for December this year....just make me interested through Thanksgiving.
Baby steps
At this point just make it through October!

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Show me on the field. I've heard this story a few times already.

https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/04/12/mmqb-brandon-staley-building-relationships-chargers-sam-darnold-trade   Going through the Darnold process was really good for the Jets’ new powerbrokers. Th

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4 hours ago, Big_Slick said:

Kinda of agree - first 4 picks s/b OL and WR. RB and TE can wait, let's see what Herdon can do and I still think a RB without an OL is useless. Agree defense can wait until day three with another IOL thrown in there.

The Herndon situation is done. With him being on his last year of his deal I could see him getting traded during the draft. I actually think there is a reasonable chance JD makes a play for Ertz which might include swapping picks and swapping Herndon. This offense demands a reliable TE who can block and catch. And every young QB needs that safety net. Take your Fandom out of it and watch Herndon play last year and you'd be wondering why he wasn't cut already. 

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