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If you were a star college QB why would you WANT to be picked in the first ten?

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On 4/15/2021 at 11:06 AM, Wit said:

Sure, they make more money initially, but bust potential of a QB being picked higher in the draft is more likely. The potential income over a career is better if you go to a well run organization. 

Are you kidding?  You handle your money right and you can be set for life.  Even if you suck and never get a second contract.   From a career perspective, teams turn things around all the time so you don't say just because a team is picking top ten that they are a bad team or organization, just that they had a bad season.   Then on other hand you do wind up going to late first to team full of aging veterans who were able to pull one last good season before all the wheels start falling off.   So now your team sucks AND you have less money 😄.   Seriously, there is no player who doesn't want to be in top ten if their talent justifies that ranking.   

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This is why:


Pick Team Total Value Signing Bonus
1 JAC $34,746,325 $22,630,055
2 NYJ $33,204,927 $21,509,037
3 SF $32,224,055 $20,795,677
4 ATL $31,103,027 $19,980,383
5 CIN $29,141,241 $18,553,630
6 MIA $25,638,066 $16,005,866
7 DET $22,835,524 $13,967,654
8 CAR $20,032,983 $11,929,442
9 DEN $19,892,696 $11,827,416
10 DAL $19,122,152 $11,267,019
11 NYG $17,931,078 $10,400,784
12 PHI $16,249,544 $9,177,850

11th pick gets less than half the signing bonus and just about half the total value over four years.  Would you leave $18M on the table in order to play for a better team the first time around?

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