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anyone listening to this jets call now?  

don't really know these presenters.  

wish the folks asking questions don't give us their life story.   i don't care if you went to a small school.  just ask your questinon lol :-)


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18 minutes ago, kevinc855 said:

at work.....anything interesting?

not really.  talked about draft picks playing against weak competition.  but nothing really interesting on the response.

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I was on as well and yes it took forever for some to ask their questions. 

It was good to hear from others in the organization on what they do. For those that weren't on it was mainly a discussion on how they look at free agents and what they do behind the scenes for the coach and GM with respect to compliance with the collective bargaining agreement. Good to know that they are still looking for high character players.

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23 hours ago, batman10023 said:

it might just be for season ticket holders.  it's with two scouts.

lots of pathetic fans to be honest.  

They're Jets fans who believed a PSL was a legit investment, in the same building where the Giants win a SB once a decade. You expecting us to have a bunch of aerospace engineers call in?

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