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Would you get a Jets tattoo if they win the Super Bowl?


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A kid in high school got a giant Dallas star on his arm with his name “Brian” underneath. I literally laughed when I first saw it. I love tattoos and will be getting more soon but hell no to getting a Jets tattoo

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1 minute ago, joewilly12 said:

Thats nice great job!  

Where did you get the decal. 

Not a decal. I went on the internet, downloaded the symbol then used carbon paper to trace it on the wood, I then used a dremel to carve out the areas and then hand painted it.

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13 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

The base (black part) is an old out door fire pit stand i reclaimed and painted.

The wood is old pallet wood from used pallets i scavenged from home depot.

I stencilled the Jets symbol onto the wood and then painted it myself and then added a few more coats of wood preserve/gloss.

I designed it so I can have interchangeable tops, i made another top with a dragons head on it that also fits on the base.



Very nice. Love stuff made with reclaimed wood. My best friend’s brother buys old barns and uses the wood for gorgeous houses in Montclair and it’s surroundings. 

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