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I strongly believe Zach Wilson is being drastically overrated because of the Mahomes effect.

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I am not hating on the kid or saying he is going to be bad, but the Zach Wilson hype is out of control. Just look at their draft profiles. Their draft profiles seem completely identical with a bi

Big thank you to the OP. At last. Theres finally a thread to discuss the drafting of Zach Wilson. 

Welcome to the board! I thought I'd have the honor of giving you your first thumbs down.

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56 minutes ago, Ecuadorian Jet said:

Zach Wilson is this year's Vernon Gholston.... kinda 😄

I do agree, pass on Wilson take Justin Fields: better in some areas than Lawrence and played against top competition.

I don’t care about competition it’s about traits that translate to the next level or don’t.

There are plenty of good Qb’s from smaller schools.

Yeah they  don’t play the competition the big school QB’s do but they also don’t have the talent around them that the Qb’s in big league schools have.

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This offensive line stinks, we have no actual starting caliber TE and no depth at WR but Brodie Croyle Jr is gonna save the day


not to take anything away from Mahomes but the chiefs had a playoff roster when he got there

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