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JD if you are listening, PLEASE DRAFT T.J. VASHER WR!!!

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Man I know the draft is a crap shoot and you can't go off highlights, but this kid look impressive as hell.  Standing at 6'6 215 he catches EVERYTHING in his vicinity!  Excellent route runner and had good speed for his size.  Reminds me of a poor mans Plaxico Burress.   You add him to Davis, Mims, Cole and Crowder and Wilson will have receivers he can have confidence in will GO AND GET THE BALL.  

Vasher is projected to go 4th or 5th round and from what I can see, he may be one of the sleepers and steals of this draft.  




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1 hour ago, Peace Frog said:

Don’t we already have this guy in Lawrence Cager?

They also have Jaleel Scott a 4th round pick of the Ravens a few yrs ago. 6’5 215. 

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