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Betty’s (Almost) Final Mock

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I'd like Vera-Tucker, but his potential as a LT means he'll probably be gone before pick 23.  But really, just the best OL available, whoever he his, would be nice at 23.

The trade down from 34 would be awesome.




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3 hours ago, BettyBoop said:

Let’s get right to it.

  • #2 - Zack Wilson
  • #23 - Alijah Vera-Tucker. With many offers on the table from teams looking to trade up Douglas holds on to the pick and takes another piece of the OL puzzle.
  • #34 - TRADE!  Teams that missed out on the top 5 QBs are calling Florham Park to get their hands on Kellen Mond.  Detroit’s offer is too good to pass up.  Jets get picks #41 and #72 and a third rounder in 2022.
  • #41 - Quinn Meneirz.  Jets fans rejoice knowing that Lewis and Rotten will not be the starting guards in 2021!
  • #66 - Joe Tryon, Edge.  It’s time to turn to the defensive side of the ball and Saleh gets his guy to play opposite Lawson.
  • #72 - Nick Bolton, LB.  Douglas and Saleh are looking into the future and find another piece to the Saleh puzzle.
  • #86 - D’Wayne Eskridge, WR.  Back to the O!
  • #107 - Kenny Yeboah, TE.  More O!
  • #146 - DJ Daniel, CB.  Shockingly Douglas waits this late for a CB but they feel they found a hidden gem in Daniel.
  • #154 - Rodarius Williams, CB.  Two CBs are better than one.
  • #186 - Sage Surratt, WR.  This is the area to find guys with some injury concerns (e.g., Bryce Hall) with real talent.

I dont see them taking 2 guards back to back.   They signed Feeney for 3.5 million and that seems like more than theyd pay a back up.   Unless they see Vera-Tucker as an eventual right tackle I doubt they double dip.

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No Tommy Tremble, no Ben Mason, etc. to help implement the rushing scheme?

Also, is Meneirz the right fit for the LaFleur system? How important is Center mobility for the outside/wide zone scheme that the Jets seem about to deploy? Meneirz seems to be a small area, powerful, phone booth type center.

Just curious because these details are important in terms of the specific players, not positions, that the Jets will be targeting.

Let’s not forget that several players including Zuniga, Ashtyn Davis, James Morgan seemed to be huge surprises for fans last year.

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20 hours ago, BroadwayRay said:

Good, but #66 or #72 should have been a RB.

I don’t think RB is all that important to implementing the rushing scheme in this first year. I could be wrong but I suspect that the Jets will be happy to roll with Coleman, Johnson, Perine, etc.

Take a look at the 49ers RB depth chart the past couple years including their Super Bowl run. I believe they spent more money on their fullback than any of the running backs.

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