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Nicknames for Zach Wilson

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2 hours ago, Averagejetsfan1421 said:

Nicknames are earned not given 

And the best ones tend to come from teammates and occasionally the media.  Fan-given nicknames is how you end up with sh*tty ones, like "A-Rod".  Lame.  

In no particular order, some of my favorite nicknames of all-time across American pro sports, all of which I believe were either teammate or sports writer driven.  And many/most of them were great at least in part because there was a cool story behind each of them:

  • Babe Ruth:  "The Great Bambino" and "The Sultan of Swat"
  • Ted Williams:  "The Splendid Splinter" and "Teddy Ballgame"
  • Muhammad Ali:  "The Greatest"
  • Joe Namath:  "Broadway Joe"
  • Ken Griffey Jr.:  "The Kid"
  • Julius Erving:  "Dr. J"
  • Honus Wagner:  "The Flying Dutchman"
  • Reggie White:  "The Minister of Defense"
  • Walter Payton:  "Sweetness"
  • Stan Musial:  "Stan the Man"
  • Hank Aaron:  "Hammerin' Hank"
  • Frank Thomas:  "The Big Hurt"
  • Red Grange:  "The Galloping Ghost"
  • Deion Sanders:  "Prime Time"
  • Dick Lane:  "Night Train"
  • Thomas Hearns:  "The Hitman"
  • Willie Mays:  "The Say Hey Kid"
  • David Robinson:  "The Admiral"
  • Marshawn Lynch:  "Beast Mode"
  • Pete Maravich:  "Pistol Pete"
  • Randy Johnson:  "The Big Unit"
  • Pete Rose:  "Charlie Hustle"
  • Karl Malone:  "The Mailman"
  • William Perry:  "The Refrigerator"
  • Joe Greene:  "Mean" Joe Greene
  • Hakeem Olajuwon:  "The Dream" (and his signature move, "The Dream Shake")
  • George Gervin:  "The Iceman"
  • Oscar Robertson:  "The Big O"
  • Larry Bird:  "The Hick from French Lick"
  • Kobe Bryant:  "The Black Mamba"
  • Allen Iverson:  "The Answer"
  • Gary Payton:  "The Glove"
  • Robert Horry:  "Big Shot Bob"
  • Ed Jones:  "Too Tall"
  • Tim Duncan:  "The Big Fundamental"
  • Calvin Johnson:  "Megatron"
  • Joe Montana:  "Joe Cool"
  • Ken Stabler:  "The Snake"
  • Pablo Sandoval:  "Kung Fu Panda"
  • Darrelle Revis:  "Revis Island"
  • Charlie Whitehurst:  "Clipboard Jesus"
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Jesus Christ on a stick, I can't believe that Transgender Cannon was deleted, wth.  I'm not into the nickname thing, but strictly because Transgender Cannon was deleted, I'm all for Transgender Cannon.

Transgender Cannon, Transgender Cannon, Transgender Cannon. 

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