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College Wilson vs. College Darnold

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9 hours ago, lounap23 said:

Oh I let him go a while ago. Said the split had to happen.  But Darnold is 23.  I don't think it's a single digit change he tunrs it around.  I think if the Panthers are the right situation it's a solid. 31.56% chance

How can the odds of Darnold becoming good be HIGHER than every other first round QB who hasn’t sucked for 3 years in the NFL?

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Darnold in College had issues with turnovers and poor deep ball accuracy. Wilson does not have turnover issues and excellent deep ball accuracy. Darnold was a late starter to the qb position. Wil

According to most scouts Darnold would be the #2 QB prospect in this draft.

Wilson is a better prospect in every way. Even if he was slightly behind Darnold in skills (which he most certainly is not) he would be a better prospect due to dedication, work ethic, and football IQ

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Regardless who's better, we had no choice but to unload Darnold after what he showed for 3 years. You want to pay him 19mil then get stuck in a long term contract not knowing how he's going to turn out? No thank you. Even if he turns into a Pro Bowler we had no choice but to start from scratch and get value when we can.

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