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Pauline: Jets could pick RB in first or second rounds

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Just now, LionelRichie said:

Last year was a rudderless ship with Gase.  This is an organized team with a real plan. JD, saleh and lafleur are all on the same page with each and every pick 

It really does feel that way.

Interesting to see what organized looks like.  It's strange as it's only one pick, but boy does it feel like these guys are on the ball.

Color me stupid though...tomorrow can change everything!

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If the 1st three picks were:  QB, RB, OG I wouldn't be mad at all. I know you can get running back production without drafting a RB high. But damn some star power on this team would be nice. Some

Najee or Etienne...count me in at 23. Then get a guard at 34.

If the Jets take a RB with either #23 or #34 then that RB had better be great at picking up the blitz because without upgrading the OL our new shiny QB will be blitzed 2/3 of the time and the RB won't

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I thought Ty Johnson played well last season. 4.6 ypc.  He ran a 4.3 40 and you see the speed in games.  Draft Jenkins and complete the OL he can have a big year for us

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