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John Beck talks to/about Zach & The Jets

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The Jets had the worst Gms in the league for like 7 years. By far the worst coach the league for two years. A dismal oline and no weapons. Showing concern about the Jets is smart and me

I've never seen so much fear surrounding a supposed top QB going to a particular team. Man the F up and believe you're good enough to succeed no matter where you're headed. I have yet to hea

This interview was 98% positive regarding Wilson to the Jets.  I don't know what some of you listened to and/or heard - or how your minds work to find the absolute negative in everything.  

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There is a 100% chance Zach read the Deseret article from the Utah paper begging the Jets not to take him since they are such a trash organization. This for those of you who say that stuff doesn't matter. I want the guy we spurned three #1 draft picks for and depending to lead this organization for 15 years to be excited to come to this franchise. The medias concerted agenda to ignore their successes and portray them as always a losing organization has an affect.

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5 minutes ago, Guilhermezmc said:




If he thinks that he will get this type of pocket in the NFL he can stay home and play Madden.

First, he's not in the pocket there. He's at least a solid 5 yards behind it, 10 yards behind the LOS. I don't care how good his arm is, he needs to stop doing that. 

Second, there are 7 guys blocking 4. I'm not an expert on him nor BYU's tendencies, but my guess is he probably didn't get 7 guys staying in to block with regularity in college either. 

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6 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

It's bizarre they're making it so public.  Like, they've  pretty much gone out of their way to make it known.  It was his question for Steve Young on that silly Herbstreit show.  It's almost as if his camp is trying to piss off the Jets by saying this sh*t and leaking he's the pick, etc. in hopes they pass on him so he can end up in San Fran.

I also think it’s some disbelief that’s he’s not going to SF.  When the 49ers traded up to 3 i would imagine he thought that’s where he’d go, especially with steve young as his mentor.  

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2 minutes ago, bitonti said:

"In the past 20 years, only 40 guys can say they are top 2 picks." 

Calculating Figure It Out GIF

Never heard it put that way, but um yeah I guess that's true.

Also despite all the billions of people on earth now, and cumulatively for the 100K+ years of H.sapiens before us, every week there are still just 7 days. Crazy, I know, but think about it. #mindblown

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18 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

Showing concern about the Jets is smart and means the guy is not some naive schmuck unaware of his surroundings.


13 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

He has every right to be concerned and I would be more worried about him if he wasn't.

This is my attitude toward it. He should be concerned. And it sounds like he's preparing for it, gathering information, and trying to put himself in the best position to succeed.

I don't care if he's concerned as long as he's not scared.

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Simple really, he plays for the Jets and worst case, he ends up Sam Darnold, goes to another team and then finds out how good or bad he is AND he really doesn’t have much choice so who cares.

The question becomes, if he is somewhat successful and it’s the system and team more than the QB does he demand Zak Prescott type dollars to stay and then we argue as to whether or not he’s worth it.

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4 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

I haven't heard him say a thing about it.

I hear a lot of people saying they're telling him he should be worried....but not a peep from him.

pretty sure he's just trolling, there have been guys who have cried and forced their way into a trade (Eli) and ZW is just gauging from people around him the risks of going to an organization that will not put him in the position to succeed, literally nothing to see here. Everything I've heard so far points to ZW being someone who heavily prepares himself.

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