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Name Your Guy at #23


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Just now, BCJet said:

This is my choice as well but it will require us trading a 3rd this year and a mid round pick next year to move up to get him.

ultimately i don't think douglas has that type of mentality.  i think he trades back and takes BAP defender, like an OLB/edge guy.  At 34 he'll go OL and then trade back into round 2 to get a wr or another OL.  i just don't think he'll part with the draft capital.

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Najee Harris because a running back that can literally do it all will transform this offense and help Zack grow as a QB. Every Young QB needs a top RB to rely on to take the pressure off . Aikman had Emmitt Warner Had Faulk ,,,the list is long when it comes to young QB RB tandems. We still have the Second and thrid rounds to grab up so OL and fill some holes on D

People think a top RB should not be taken in the first round and I disagree in a big way. Even with the Shanny Offense and zone blocking scheme people say well any RB can excel in that scheme until crunch time and you need said committee of RB's to seal the deal and put the game away in the 4th quarter. If the scheme is so good then putting a great RB in there only makes it that much better. Terrell Davis comes to mind as Denver won 2 SB's then what did they win later on with guys like Anderson ?

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