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How will you spend Draft night? (The annual What are you cooking? Where you going? What are ya drinking? Thread)


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14 hours ago, jetstream23 said:

I’m typing this post from about 35,000 ft.  Flying back to NJ to see my father who I haven’t seen in almost 2 years due to Covid.  Grilling some steaks, drinking some beers, cursing the Jets draft picks, and throwing things at the TV are a strong part of a father/son bond and I’m looking forward to this.  By the end of Day 2 we’ve usually come around to convincing ourselves that the Jets are hitting a home run (even if they aren’t).

The old man isn’t quite up to manning the BBQ anymore so I’ll be out back firing up some ribeyes and twice baked potatoes on his grill, with a Jack Daniels by my side.  We’ll tell the same stories we always tell.  I’ll remind him that taking me as a kid to that Jets-Dolphins game in 1986 where O’Brien out-dueled Marino in OT was the gateway drug that made me (cursed me) a Jets fan for life.  We’ll debate 3-4 vs. 4-3 (again) and talk about the completely underrated value of special teams (again) when he reminds me that a full one-third of a football game is spent with both your offense and defense on the sideline (“There’s hidden yardage in the kicking games as Parcells always said,” he reminds me.) Good times.

So how will you be spending this Draft, a draft where the Jets are pretty loaded with picks compared to years past and are about to dive headfirst into a rebuild around (yet another) rookie QB?

However you plan to do it, enjoy this Jets draft!  Lord knows we haven’t enjoyed Jets games the past few years.

Go Jets!

I enjoyed reading this.  I lost my Dad to cancer about a year and a half ago.  He was also the reason I became a jets fan. (His fault , lol)  One of my best memories was when he took me to Hofstra in 86 for TC, and I still have the helmet signed by O'Brien and most of the 86 team.    I miss being able to call him after each round and discuss / complain about the picks.  

Enjoy your trip and spending time with your Dad.  Hopefully there will be a few reasons to feel good about future after this weekend!

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I have my little ones tonight and have to get them up early for school in the morning. But I will put out the usual spread. Cheese and crackers, pretzels, chips and dip, black olives, celery and carrots and I'll probably go pick up a couple of hand tossed white DiGiorno pizzas with spinach and garlic.

As far as cocktails I'll have a couple of Stella's maybe a Mudslide or a few lol. The kids will absolutely destroy the food and leave a mess and go play video games maybe one will watch the draft with me lol. No biggie at least it's not a loss right? Today there is actually a little bit of Hope! Enjoy your night everybody you'll hear back from me soon! Cheers to hoping everything turns out all right tonight!

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