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The Official Draft Day Thread

More Cowbell

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4 minutes ago, TheClashFan said:

Jeez, please stop with Suzie's interviews already.  Most of the guys are clearly uncomfortable and they ignore what she asks, instead struggling to articulate some vague banalities.  Do the photo-ops and let them go straight off stage.

End of grip. :-)



That’s Melissa Stark and her tight 47-yo bod.

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2 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

Gettleman thunbing his nose right now at everyone who said he could never trade down. 

Yeah and probably a lotto pick next year to go with their own so whoever comes after him  can trade up for a QB.

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6 minutes ago, nycdan said:

Bears fans are ecstatic.  If it had been Jones they would have burned the stadium to the ground.


That would NEVER work...!! Soldier Fièld is Concrete, and has sprinklers. The could never ignite it to sufficient heat and BTUs to burn it down!!Animated GIF

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