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I understand with the way the board fell people being upset with the capital moved in the trade, but when you consider it’s only a 45 point difference on the trade chart (a mid fourth rounder) I think its a no brainer if they had a top 10 grade on AVT. You have that capital so you can go get your guy if need be. 

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Thanks Jamal!! We got a OL that will have a better career than Jamal will ever have. And we still have the Seadogs 1st next year!

Widely regarded as the 3rd best OL in the draft.  You can't argue with walking away with the QB you wanted at 2 and one of the best overall OL in the draft. 

It's 2 thirds. jesus it's nothing. for a quality lineman like that? cmon

9 hours ago, PLO said:

If we don't trade up AVT would be a Raider. I think its also obvious, looking at the lack of consensus with these picks across the NFL, that there is a lack of depth in this draft. I think trading up to get the best guard and losing picks that in other drafts might be the equivalent of 4th rounders is good business, but that's just my take on it.  

No doubt the Jets drafted a top notch guard whose going to form a pretty dominate left side to run behind with Becton. ( great trade).   Seriously doubt AVT was on the Raiders radar, as they were in need of a starting ORT  , and AVT doesn’t have the arm length you must have to play tackle for the Raiders.( why Tevin Jenkins arm half inch shorter than you must have was never going to be option for them.      

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22 minutes ago, CanadaSteve said:

No...no it didn't.  Darrisaw is an LT.  Which we have.  We got the third best OL in this entire draft, and it cost two third round picks to go get him.  We got a 4th in return.  

I just...I really, I mean....

There is no saying that Darrisaw couldn't  move inside and he can play RT which we have a shakey player at.

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2 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

I disagree.  The rush comes off the edges. Only the Jets have problems keeping the rush from up the middle because our OL is that bad. 

Tell that to Russell Wilson.

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20 minutes ago, BoogSportsGuy said:

Why would we cut Fant? He projects to be an average to above average lineman in our scheme. You can now pencil in 4 of 5 starters at oline, with RG being only hole.

You take darrisaw and cut fant, you’re just ignoring the holes at guard and possibly not even upgrading at RT.

The only way this looks good is if this guy becomes a perennial  Pro Bowler. G's are not normally selected this high and not traded up for. Fant was in and out of the lineup last season. If he shakes the injury bug, then I would agree but I have seen this movie before. 

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