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The Phone Call to Wilson Re: Saleh

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1 hour ago, Jet_Engine1 said:

Thanks! Sitting in a hospital bed, bored outta my mind, wired for sound. Waiting to see if I'm getting a transfusion, or if I'm getting discharged. 

Hope you get to feeling 100% soon my friend

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I know, I know, it's just a phone call and a fluff tweet from the org, but man Saleh impresses the hell out of me.  "We are going to lift you up, not the other way around"  

I think some people are really missing the meaning and importance of that statement.  Quite honestly, and this isn’t much exaggeration, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever heard from the Jets and sh

You’re really running out of material.

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36 minutes ago, slats said:

You’re really gonna have a struggle if you’re looking to offend me with words. Let’s get that straight - pun intended. The way I speak amongst my friends and relatives of different races, religions, or orientations is a lot different than the way I speak in a public forum because I’m a polite human being and understand that slurs are the new dirty words. I drop the f-bomb like it’s going out of style, but the n-word only crosses my lips when I’m derogatorily referring to people who use the word regularly. Same for the variety of homosexual slurs of which “twink,” is definitely one. Don’t think it’s so much to ask to drop potentially offensive words from the dialog. Maybe we’ll even learn some new words as a result. This is a public place, and @Maxman relies on ad revenue to keep it going. How about we just try to be polite and respectful? 

I’m good as long as fat ass and hippie are still in play. We cut them and I’m gone. 

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17 hours ago, HighPitch said:

Dude totally not looking to offend but for crying out loud does anybody remember laughter?


Sure we do, did you post something funny? 

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17 hours ago, HighPitch said:

Lol huh? Arent we saying the same thing?

For weeks before he was drafted he has been hearing that the jets were a sad place to have to report to.

Translation: you are too good for ny.

as soon as he is drafted, saleh sets him straight.

what am i missing?

You are apparently missing the entire point.  He basically saying, unlike the previous regime with Sam, you don't be be the savior, just be yourself, we are going to build a great team around you.   He is basically taking the pressure off the kid.  Has nothing to do with him" being too good for NY" or any other such nonsense. 

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5 hours ago, Jetsfan80 said:

Actually....in this case I think it really is!  People are learning new stuff and adjusting to the new information accordingly.  It's pretty cool.

Masturbation will make you go blind son

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3 hours ago, T0mShane said:

This was a joke. I hope he doesn’t suck. Zach, do not suck. Be good.

you suck

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18 hours ago, HighPitch said:

No its not a fluff piece.

Its one of the ballsiest statements in jet history. I love it.

Saleh basically puts the young man in his place right away by saying “you need us more than we need you”


That’s a weird take...

Saleh just wanted the kid to know that the weight of JetsNation was not on his shoulders and that the organization was going to support him as necessary. 

which, considering NY Jets history with 1st Rd QBs unfortunately probably needed to be said. 

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