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The Official Draft Day 2 Thread

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**** trading down. The Jets just nabbed 3 guys that are going to start on day one in the first 34 picks. 

This is the draft most Jets fans have been wanting for 20 years. Dude is a weapon.  I wasn't sure we'd go WR this high.  JD continues to not be as predictable as some thought. 

Fix the oline. Protect the young QB. Sign Richard Sherman as a stop gap. Get to the QB. Enjoy the safety of the Cover 3.

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3 hours ago, Embrace the Suck said:

He's a good man. I hear he save ghettos in his spare time. I was listening to Bill Burr before and one of his jokes keeps going through my head.

this will go over 99% of the boards head


he was talking about so many movies about white people going to the ghetto and turning around the students right lol?

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7 minutes ago, Sperm Edwards said:


A rookie QB and the other picks will be youth enough. He’s a UFA after this season anyway, and the Jets aren’t in a race to see how few smart veterans we can put on the field around him. 

You’d think he was 36 years old coming off a 250-yard season or something. He’s a little overpriced; BFD, that’s the other part of surrounding your young QB with help. Instant help isn’t & shouldn’t be all from 1st year draft picks, like the blind leading the blind. 

Seriously this kind of thinking gets you chad Hansen 

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