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Jets select WR Elijah Moore

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Heaven forbid our WR is so good we don't have to roster a bunch of Berrios-types. That would really suck, to have a WR room full of players who can play.  

I clap as long as it's offense. 20 years of this team drafting D and they're not even good at it. At least make the game watchable after last year

Jets fans in December: We never got Sammy any Weapinzzzzzz Jets fans in April: Why did we take a 4.32 40 guy in the 2nd round????? wE nEeD a cOrNeR

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1 minute ago, Averagejetsfan1421 said:

I don't understand this pick, why draft a slot receiver? Especially with the oline and running backs available 

Cause Douglas thought he was the best guy to take? 

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Well MKJ was talking about him all day yesterday. He’s a good player no problem with this pick, I’m a Crowder fan but IMO he slipped last year and this guy is a lot more dynamic. 

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As I wrote on the Wide Receivers previously.  I like Elijah Moore a lot but I like others a lot too.  We could have traded back and still gotten solid quality.  But that is now in the past.  Three cheers for Elijah Moore.  J-E-T-S.

Now for the wide receivers.  I simply assume we will not get Ja'Marr Chase, Jaylen Waddle or Devonta Smith.  If any fell to #23 I would RUN to the podium.  Nor am I interested in the third tier players.  We have too many needs and have only one spot to offer a draft pick.  But there are seven second banana wideouts and I would be happy to grab one.  I will list them in order of preference but I confess, I would be happy to have any of them.  I sincerely doubt that any will be left in the third round. 

Rashod Bateman is 6' 1"210 with 4.43 speed and carries a first round grade.  An Ideal Z, he has the downtown speed and size to play outside.  Ourlads says he "brings big play potential" and is a "hands catcher" with a "competitive streak".  He would complement the power game of Corey Davis, the all-around game of Mims and the slot game of Crowder.  He would be a fine choice at #34.  You could argue he would be a fine choice at #23 but I would trade down. 

Terrace Marshall is 6' 3" 200 lbs with 4.4 speed and carries a first round grade.  A five star recruit, he suffered a severe leg injury as a high school senior which derailed his early college career.  In 2019 he had 13 touchdowns for the national champion LSU.   He played seven solid games last year before opting out.  An ascending prospect, he needs only experience and polish but there is little he cannot do.  He can play the Z or the X and do it well.  Great choice at #34.

Rondale Moore is 5' 9" 185 with 4.32 speed and carries a 2d round grade.  After a mondo freshman year (114 catches) he got hurt in 2019 and opted out after three games in 2020.  His blazing speed and jitterbug moves are a nightmare for corners.  Ourlads says "he is a threat to score every time he touches the ball".    He can also be moved around, he can play outside, in the slot or in the backfield.  He is ideal for gadget plays, end arounds, etc.  His stop and go simply smokes defenders.  His small size, short arms (28.25) and lack of experience hurt his overall grade.  He can help anybody and is a good choice at #34. 

Elijah Moore is 5' 9" 185 with 4.35 speed and carries a 2d round grade.  Ourlads says "his burst" and "quickness" make him a "hard guy to touch" let alone tackle.  He led the nation in catches and yards per game in 2020.  He is also an electrifying returner.  His game is so similar to Rondale Moore it is scary.  Another ideal gadget player with a profound stop and go.  He too can help anybody and is a good choice at #34. 

Kadarious Toney is 5' 11" with 4.38 speed and carries a 2d round grade.  Another gadget player with speed and quickness, he plays bigger and tougher than his frame suggests.  Had 120 catches, 66 carries and 28 returns in his four year career.  Buried on the depth chart early, he had an electric 2020.  Ourlads says he can make you "miss in a phone booth" and also break tackles with "elite contact balance".  Unlike the Moores' he is a slot guy who can also play in the backfield.  Similar to Deebo Samuel as a prospect.  He comes into the NFL with a history of injuries and some meathead behavior.   We could take him at #34 but might be able to get him later.  I doubt he lasts until #66. 

Nico Collins is 6' 4" 215 with 4.45 speed and carries a 2d round grade.  He is a good fit for the Z but like Bateman is not a fit for the X or in the slot.  A true downtown threat, he is one-dimensional and never really produced in college.  Nevertheless, his size, speed, power and strength combination makes him unique.  Like Bateman, he would add a missing dimension to our receiving corp.    Oodles of potential.  He reminds me of DK Metcalf with his size, weight, speed and power.  A boom or bust pick.  I would grab him in the 3d at #66 but doubt he will be there.

Dyami Brown is 6' 185 with 4.45 speed and carries a 2d round grade.  The opposite of Nico Collins and his limited production, Brown produced back to back 1,000 yard seasons in the ACC.  A guy who makes it look easy, Ourlads says he is a "year-one contributor who has star potential" who has "as much upside" as any receiver in the draft.    He can play the Z, X or in the slot.  I would grab him in the 3d at #66 but doubt he will be there.

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8 minutes ago, Skeet Ulrich said:

I remember this knucklehead. He got a unsportsmanlike penalty in the Egg Bowl that cost his team the game.




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Does also return punts and kicks?  If so I would like this pick more (no pun intended). I don't know, I think I would have gone Friermuth here.  Nothing he does really jumps out at me.  But what the heck, we needed more offense.  Just wanted maybe someone more dynamic like Dwayne Eskeridge, I take it that Rondale Moore was off the board...   I guess not having those 3rd round picks reduce the options JD had.   Anywhew, WELCOME TO THE JETS!  Another weapon for Zach...

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We desperately needed a home run hitter to take the top off the D. We have the possession guys with large receiver radii and Jump ball skills. Now we have the deep threat. This is an A+++

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1 minute ago, GreenFish said:

Can't say Joe Douglas isn't surrounding Zach Wilson with talent. Nice pick. He's going to open up the playbook for us.

Speed kills. And Elijah Moore has plenty of it.

OMG.  A 4.32.  He can go to the house anytime he touches the ball.  The most exciting offensive player we have had since santana moss.

Joe D continues to dominate the draft.

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