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The Official Draft Day 3 Thread


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Florida State safety Hamsah Nasirildeen’s blend of size, physicality, athleticism, and downhill trigger jump off the screen when watching the Seminoles defense. A versatile defender, Nasilideen forecasts best as a positionless subpackage defender in the NFL. He can serve the role of tight end neutralizer, play in an overhang role, play in man coverage against running backs, and play in the box and operate from deeper alignments. Outside of his rare physical gifts, Nasirildeen takes terrific angles, is versatile, and his presence can add new layers to the defense of the team that drafts him. Nasirildeen tore his ACL late in the 2019 season in a non-contact situation and the recovery sidelined him for all but two games in 2020. When it comes to areas that he can still improve, ball skills, serving as a one-high safety, blitzing, and proving his health are the top priorities. Nasirildeen has a high ceiling at the next level should he land with a team that is willing to deploy him creatively to take advantage of his immense physical gifts. 


Ideal Role: Positionless subpackage defender. 

Scheme Fit: His versatility enables him to play in any scheme.



Written by Joe Marino 

Games watched: Boise State (2019), Florida (2019), Syracuse (2019), Clemson (2019), Miami (2019) 

Best Game Studied: Boise State (2019) 

Worst Game Studied: Florida (2019) 

Football IQ: Nasirildeen is a smart football player that does well to key, diagnose, and trigger. He takes correctly calculated angles in pursuit and generally plays under control. There can be some tardy responses in coverage when it comes to route anticipation, particularly when playing in deeper alignments. He can also be a tick late locating the football in the air, especially with his back to the line of scrimmage. 

Tackling: Nasirildeen is a consistent tackler that doesn’t often fall victim to whiffs. His blend of size, length, athleticism, and body control leads to consistent finishes. His hitting power and contact balance as a tackler are outstanding.  

Versatility: Nasirildeen has experience functioning as a single-high safety, slot safety, and down in the box. He’s received some chances to blitz but hasn’t been overly effective given his lack of a plan to beat blocks. While there are a number of roles he can fill at the next level, he has the appeal of a positionless defender. 

Range: Nasirildeen is an exceptional athlete that can cover ground in a hurry. He maximizes his range by taking precise angles and playing under control. He frequently lines up on the hash and makes plays outside the numbers to the opposite side of the field. He’s a natural athlete that is comfortable in space. 

Ball Skills: Nasirildeen can be tardy locating the football in the air and making plays on it, especially with his back to the quarterback. His natural athletic profile enables him to make plays on the ball despite not necessarily having the best ball skills. His best moments are when he can drive forward on the football. 

Run Defending: Nasirildeen reacts promptly to the run and triggers quickly. He takes good angles coming downhill and is always enthusiastic when it comes to tackling. He does well to weave and navigate through traffic in pursuit. 

Functional Athleticism: Nasirildeen is extremely gifted when it comes to athleticism. He’s an explosive and fluid mover in all directions. He covers ground in a hurry and has terrific play speed and range. 

Competitive Toughness: Nasirildeen is a physical tackler that arrives with intent. He looks to separate the football from the ball carrier. He is urgent in pursuit and is always around the football. He competes when taking on blocks and is never passive. 

Flexibility: Nasirildeen is explosive and fluid with easy mobility in all directions. He easily changes directions and has smooth transitions. He’s rapid when planting and driving downhill. 

Special Teams Ability: Nasirildeen was a four-phase special teamer in 2017 and 2018, but that dipped a bit in 2019 (although he has experience). His size, physicality, athletic ability, and urgency translates well to special teams duties. His ability to play under control, hold his own in space, and consistently tackle are also ideal traits for special teams contributions. 

Prospect Comparison: Jeremy Chinn (2020 NFL Draft, Carolina Panthers) 


TDN Consensus: 76.63/100

Joe Marino: 80.00/100

Kyle Crabbs: 73.50/100

Jordan Reid: 78.00/100

Drae Harris: 75.00/100

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he was rated #62 prospect overall by CBS Sports and the 2nd highest rated player available heading into today by them:

No. 62: Hamsah Nasirildeen, S, Florida State

Nasirildeen is a big, long safety that is capable of playing weakside linebacker and making plays in the box.

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