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Draft Grades Given


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9 hours ago, southtown24th said:

Based on what?

Round 1 - 4 = Hi value players that will contribute immediately and start.  

Round 5 - 7 = These guys may work out, but not a fan of drafting players for another position completely.  Would have liked to see another OL.

UDFA = signed players that had draftable ratings with high potential and need positions

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15 hours ago, Beerfish said:

For me there is only one fail in this draft for the Jets and that is, only one olineman taken.  The guy we got has pro bowl potential and we are better off now than before the draft no doubt but we took like 5 secondary/small LB players in a row essentially.

This oline crop reminds me of last years WR crop in which douglas should have double dipped but did not and we did not double dip at oline this year.  This is his one mistake.

I totally agree with this. My only real criticism is that I wanted at least two picks on the OL. I get not wanting to start two rookies on the OL but I'm a little confused why in such a deep draft we didn't make more of an effort to grab another IOL.

If Greg Van Roten is starting at RG Week 1 that feels like a problem.

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