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UDFA K Chris Naggar Sign with Jets

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22 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

The fact that he can punt in an emergency will give him a leg up. 

It's actually useful for trick plays too... Pooch punt on a 58 yard FG, anyone? 

I agree about the emergency putting, he can also do kickoff. On one of his kick in the video that he posted was 60 yard down in the middle with enough room to clear the upright. 

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I don't care if he hits 70 yarders in practice with no rush.  I don't care if he hits 50+ yarders when games are out of reach.  I want a kicker that has shown he can hit 40 yarders in tight games in the 4th quarter.

This guy has hit a couple of game winners at SMU.  Hopefully he can be $$$ with the game on the line.  And hopefully he can beat out Ficken.

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2 hours ago, Warfish said:

I feel like I'm suddenly watching the South Park Wheel of Fortune Episode with that last name. 

Ficken Naggars, the Jets camp kicking duo?  Sportswriters saying Nope.  All the Nopes.



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