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Do we need another slot receiver?


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2 hours ago, fumblerooskie said:

Moore is a weapon. He was highly productive against SEC defenses, he can work short or deep, and he has top-notch physical abilities- good speed, good hands, he can take a hit, and he's a good route runner. He is a good bet to be a good pro, in my humble opinion (like AVT). He's one the most exciting Jet draft picks I've seen in long time. 

Calling Elijiah Moore a "slot receiver" is indicative of not only not understanding his skill set but also being so lazy that you would rather troll the board then actually spend 15 minutes reading about a player your alleged favorite team just picked.

I personally didnt think we were gonna take a WR so I barely read a word on moore until we made the pick but after we did, its evident that this kid is an elite WR with explosive qualities that players like Julian Edelman simply dont have.  Thats not a knock on Edelman, who had the work ethic and balls to become a very good player in the NFL, but he simply isnt as talented as moore.  That doesnt mean moore is a sure thing to be better but he has the ABILITY to be an elite player in the league due to his explosiveness, hands and route running.

Now, can he line up as an outside WR and beat press coverage from a good NFL man-cover CB, doubtful as he is 5'9 180, but that doesnt mean he is a "slot WR".  His route running is closer to a player like antonio brown (5'10 185) who was able to get off press coverage due to his quick feet and explosiveness.  In this offense its going to be awesome to see what he can be 2-3 years from now.

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