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Quinnen Williams out 8-10 weeks


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6 minutes ago, The Crusher said:

Holy sh*t Joe, how to go directly to hell with a subject. Uhhh, errrrrr, did he kill or maim  by anyone too? 

It's a joke..anytime something crazy or bad happens people ask "was there alcohol involved". 

No harm no foul meant towards QW. 

Did you miss the get well card I posted for him. 

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13 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


The greatest ability is availability.  Maybe missing 3 games a year isn't as big of a deal for a DT as it is for a QB.  But he's supposed to be our best force on defense.  We need him healthy for 16 or 17 games, consistently.  

Aaron Donald, for instance, has played 16 for the last 3 straight years.  Only missed 2 games missed his entire 7-year career.  I get Donald is a freak and what not.  But QW is supposed to be in an elite DT category tier right below Donald.

Again:  This one isn't a big deal because he isn't missing any games out of it.  But he needs to buck that trend year in and year out and stay healthy.  Period.

Actually, the greatest ability is ability. A bad player that never gets hurt is useless. A great player that misses 3 games is still a great player and helps you win games.

Regardless, I'm just happy that we are no longer complaining about his ability and have resorted to worrying about a sprained ankle he had in week 2 of his rookie year.  

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Either he a) dropped a bowling bowl on his foot

b) he met Zach Wilson whose steel balls may just have dropped as he met him snd broke his toes. His voice may also change now. Not Quinnen, Zach. 

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  • Its great that QW got married.  My guess is that the NFL has figured out that married veterans make better football players.
  • He looks great and fit in his picture.  He has really shaped up.  
  • Sounds like a freak injury that he will recover from.  
  • I have found @bitonti's observations about the Jets' cap strategy fascinating.  I believe you in in terms of what was done before, but the hope is that the other changes the team has employed will also lead to more aggressive spending.  
  • The Buccaneers won the Super Bowl with Suh who they signed off the street.   I think its 50/50 they Jets extend QW, and I don't think that is a bad thing, although with the 4-3 defense maybe he is a priority to extend.   When the Jets played a 3-4 defense, it was always dubious to draft the DT/DE high, and then to extend them.   If the Jets are picking later in the first round I hope, that is when good DTs can be taken on rookie contracts.   
  • If QW plays hard for the next 2 years, gets the 5th year option, and then gets franchise tagged, that is not necessarily a bad thing.   The Jets can then decide if he has taken care of himself well enough to extend.
  • If I am a GM, the number I am trying to minimize is dead money.   A team that can do that will be ok.  
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From Now.  10 weeks from today is 7/13.   Not sure on the exact date of Training camp but he should be ready in time probably a bout a week before camp

Thank you and Sperm for not being absolute dickheads and answering like human beings.

You can tell the men on here who get no sex. They get off by being dicks on the interwebs
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