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Anyone else expecting all these players in for OTA’s now?

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I'm serious, btw. Why is it so hard for you to distinguish between:

1) "Wow, that was a bad risk-reward call to choose not to work out at the facility, even though his contract gave him that option"


2) "The rules required him to work out at the facility and he broke the rules"?

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42 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

You understand that's a completely different point than "It'S a JoB rEqUiReMeNt To Be At ThE fAcIlItY", right? Like ... in your brain, are those the same?

Wow, the upper case lower case thing. You nailed me. 

I think football players get better by practicing. I think they should show up regardless if it’s mandatory or not because they get paid unfathomable amounts. You’re more interested in saving the whales. Rock on.

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