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According to a report, Wilson picks his number

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Thank goodness this ordeal is finally over, the jersey number anxiety was just too much to deal with after this past year 

I heard the family celebrated by spending the day at Chuck E Cheese.

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4 hours ago, RSJ said:

Pretty appropriate since the first QB I think of in the #2 is Tim Couch

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I always think Matt Ryan since he’s the current/recent one.

More along the lines of Couch is also JaMarcus Russell. Great pro day, too.

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3 hours ago, Adoni Beast said:

2 is great.

NYC - Jeter

2 because it’s a constant chip on his shoulder…that everyone fawned over TLaw as the unquestionable #1.

This. Add also:

If he pans out he brings the franchise Superbowl win #2

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24 minutes ago, Sarge4Tide said:

Look, if he picks #2, we are all going to call him "Deuce" and that's that, okay?

There's already a "Deuce".  Got to be Carter II 

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13 hours ago, Morrissey said:

Yankees Jets fan here.. hush up

Its not a problem, its just not the norm.

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He just said though not confirming quite yet that he likes the # 2.  Wants to switch it up and it aligns with him being the number 2 pick.

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