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Interesting article on inside story behind Elijah Moore pick

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6 hours ago, Embrace the Suck said:

By a mile. Chad was good, but had an average arm even prior to the injury. Becht, so yeah moving forward. Ellis, was solid nothing spectacular. Abe made splash plays, but was often a liability against the run as he was always rushing hard up field and guys would run right past him as he took himself out of the play (liked him better as a 3-4 rush LB). Of course trading Abe got the Jets Mangold, so there's that.

On paper, based solely on potential, this quartet should be much better or rather impactful. A QB with a big arm that is very mobile and may have the Rain-Man thing going for him. A blue chip guard to solidify a potentially game changing dominant left side of the line. A blue chip electric WR, and a highly regarded RB.

After some 6th round douche who shall not be named, and Urlacher, Abraham and Ellis were two of the very best to come out of that entire class.

Now that's not to say there isn't a possibility of the top of this classing trumping that one, because don't even get me started on those other 2 first rounders from 2000, but it's not a particularly low bar either.  Truth is, it'll really all come down to whether Wilson turns out to be "the guy", because that on its own will likely be the make or break deal.

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I said this same thing on draft night & you see exactly why. I’m from Mississippi, I’ve had friends play on the team with Moore at Ole Miss, nobody would shut up about this guy. I decided to watch

Crap. I might have to change my name again...

NY Jets: The drama, strategy, and inside story behind the Elijah Moore pick   By Mike Mitchell May 10, 2021, 5:15 PM EDT   Elijah Moore, NY Jets |

11 hours ago, #27TheDominator said:

I am so sick of this bullsh*t story.  Rex was always spouting his mouth.  He was also always full of sh*t.  There were plenty of reports that the Jets wanted Irvin and only ended up with Coples because the Seahawks took Irvin the pick prior

How is it untrue?  Rex told Coples he would be the pick if there at 16.  And he was.  Unless Coples was lying here:


After the Jets took him 16th overall, Coples said he knew all along that Jets coach Rex Ryan was one of those who liked him.

“I knew coach Rex Ryan had promised me that if we got to that pick, and I was still there, he was definitely going to pick me and I am just thankful he is a man of his word,” Coples said. “He just told me that if I was there at 16 he was going to take me. No matter what.”

Coples said he and Ryan have already developed a good rapport.

“He just said he promised he was going to take me and he definitely kept his word and he’s definitely a man of his word, he’s looking forward to me coming. He’s a good coach. He’s a good coach. He’s the best there is. I’m definitely going to work hard for him,” Coples said. “I definitely could tell he definitely had some type of feeling about me, and I’m really glad things worked out.”

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19 hours ago, clayton163v said:

Oh for God's sake, I cannot stand it anymore.  Jarvis Landry has PRODUCED in his career thus far:

2014:  84 - 758 - 5 tds

2015: 110 - 1157 - 4 tds

2016: 94 - 1136 - 4 tds

2017: 112 - 987 - 9 tds

2018: 81 - 976 - 4 tds

2019:  83 - 1174 - 6 tds

2020: 72 - 840 - 3 tds

I would happily take his worst year as an average for Moore and consider it an outrageous success.  Landry is one of the most productive wideouts in the current era.  The man NEVER fails to produce.   He has missed one game in seven years.  He has played two postseason games and went 11 - 102 in 2016 and  in 2020 he went 12 - 112. 

We will be very lucky if Moore can produce these numbers, much less never once get hurt or have a down year. 

Look I understand.  The Jets have been so bad for so long that many are having newguygasisms but let's retain a grip on reality. 

Personally, it is my hope for the season that he gets on the field regularly and gets 10 touches per game in the regular offense.   I also hope he becomes the kick returner and is good at it.   I would consider it icing on the cake if he proves he can elude the jam well enough to establish himself on the outside at the Z.

But Jarvis Landry?!?  Playoffs?  Playoffs?  You kidding me?  Playoffs?


I'm not sure about the rest of these guys, but I wasn't saying Moore was likely to be better than Jarvis Landry.  I was simply pointing out that Jarvis Landry is pretty far from the guy I would look to as a comp.  I guess they both will probably run most of their snaps out of the slot, but then again, so will Jimmy Graham.

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