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Fantastic Interview with Zach: He is the MAN

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5 hours ago, Biggs said:

Those Jets teams were buit to play defense and run the football.  Running the football allowed us to dominate TOP on O and keep the D rested.  The O was unable to control TOP in the Indy game and in the Pittsburgh game the O left the D on the field the entire first half.  Our firts 4 drives in Pittsburgh were punt, punt, punt, fumble.   That wasn't the formula.  The formula was run the ball down teams throats, keep the great D fresh so they could stop the other team.   We were terrible on third down conversions in both AFC championship games. 

We had less than 100 yards rushing in both games and we had turnovers on O in both games.  That's not the Chicago Bears or the Rex Ryan formula for winning football.  

The Chicago Bears ran for 167 yards on NE in the SB.  They absolutely dominated TOP in ever playoff game and ran the ball at will during their SB run.  Their D was great and it was fresh because they ran the ball and didn't turn it over when they had it.  

Sanchez was fine but the reality is neither Pittsburgh or Indy were worried about stopping Sanchez to beat us and they were right.

Great post.

Put another way:  Mark Sanchez exceeded expectations in the AFCCG's and the vaunted Rex Ryan D and the powerful Ground & Pound rushing attack did not.

I just don't want to see Darrelle Revis or Rex Ryan receive ovations at MetLife Stadium as part of some 10th anniversary celebration.  Mark Sanchez is the one that deserves the recognition of the crowd.


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Seems like the last BYU interview as well, but so many good answers here that seem sincere and not rehearsed. Seems super motivated. I really thing he will be different.    

I love all of his interviews with the BYU network and I hope he keeps doing them although this sounded like it might be the last one.  He's just so relaxed and likeable and I can see why the front off

"My mind's tellin' me no, but my body.....my body's tellin' me yes." I have to keep reminding myself that I felt the same exact way about Browning Nagle. SAR I

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2 hours ago, Savage69 said:

Not quite true he made the Pro Bowl in 1996 with 33 td's and 4,177 yds..

Yes, he did have some good years.  You are correct.  But he was mostly a disappointment....

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16 hours ago, Tranquilo said:


Don't forget the Drunk Edwards ...Sad because he had a good relationship with him until the Jets decided not to re-sign the one receiver who made some big catches in big moments for us against the Colts.

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23 hours ago, SAR I said:

Mark Sanchez is the greatest postseason quarterback in New York Jets history.  He's not the reason we didn't make it to the Super Bowl.  We were supposed to win on defense, and the defense blew both Championship Games.


The greatest Jets postseason QB of all time is Namath.  
The one who you don’t have to make excuses for not making it to the big game and then winning it.  

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On 5/15/2021 at 1:48 AM, ryu79 said:

Agree that Zach is very encouraging (to the extent one can be off the field) - most dudes would be back home already, like his insistence across all media so far that he is focused on learning the play book and preparing. Still want to see him with Davis and Mims though. 

On Sanchez. I think two things are getting crossed (that are distinct):

- He delivered in the PLAYOFFS. Several big time wins (including Foxboro) where he made quality throws (even accounting for his stacked line, and skill player surroundings). Rex's defense choked in both championship games (couldn't protect the lead against Indy, didn't show up until 2nd half in Pittsburgh).

- He absolutely didn't over perform over the course of his career. When the team flipped economics, investing in him at QB and reducing investment in the line and skill players he struggled to cope and by the end was unplayable (looked jittery receiving the snap). 

I had hoped that Mark would find more success at a later stop and wish he had but those later moments reinforced what we saw later in his tenure. 

He seems a great guy and I think will increasingly be effective in broadcast and as a talking head - so I'm glad he has found life after the playing field - for me irrespective of the other stuff the playoff wins earned him that karma.


A lot of good points in this thread,

I think the problem was Rex didn’t have an even remotely capable edge rusher and it came home to bite him in those two AFCCG, everything he did was deception and blitzing, it’s a testament to how great a coach he was on the defensive side of the ball that he made it work as much as he did but in the really big moments, and against the really elite QB’s, he had nobody that could put consistent pressure on QB’s and force rushed throws or mistakes, it’s been our Achilles heel for near 20 years and while every other position has been addressed (QB, OT, OG, WR ....even safety) we are still hopelessly underpowered here.

We have to hope the change to the Saleh 4-3 helps ease our deficiency here because for too long we’ve been relying on 300lb DT’s to provide pressure and without having proper talent and explosion outside them, surprise surprise, they got found out, we’ve been slow as molasses on defense for years, it has to change under Saleh and Jeff Ulbrich.

....since we traded John Abraham we’ve failed to properly address one of the most critically important, and sought after positions in the game....there’s a reason good edge rushers don’t hit the open market, if we are ever going to take that next step we absolutely have to become a team that ferociously hassles and harries opposing QB’s...we have to get faster and more athletic. Rex had that defense close but he and Tannenbaum failed to properly address the one position that could’ve made it the Bears 86 D or the Ravens 2000 D.....let’s hope Saleh and Douglas learn from that mistake

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