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I haven't been this optimistic and energetic about the Jets in a long time. Should I be concerned?

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6 hours ago, slats said:

Vegas now has the Jets O/U at 6 wins; tied with Jags, ahead only of the Texans and Lions at 5. That's down from 6.5, presumably, because too much money was going towards the under. 

Peter King did his early power rankings, and has the Jets 31st ahead of just the Texans. 

I think the team is headed in the right direction but, for this season at least, it's gonna be on a really bumpy road. 

It will definitely get bumpy with this many changes/young-uns on both sides of the ball, but it won't be the Cowboys with Aikman rookie year ugly either.  Is Kyler Murray type rookie season too optimistic?  

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I'm cautiously optimistic because we finally seem to have the proper structure in place with a GM and a HC that share the same vision.   I like that like Saleh is establishing an identity too.  All ga

As the long-time President of the Disgruntled NY Jets Fan Club, I have a weird sense of positivity and optimism about the Jets that I haven't had in well.....forever. Absolutely love Douglas and Saleh

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Optimism comes from the feeling that our front office, for once, has a multi-year plan and understands how good teams are built. They don't make short-sighted moves. They don't make moves that are splashy on the surface but fool's gold in reality (The Mac Special). They don't waste Top 10 picks on Leonard Williams or Jamal Adams when we have holes at every important position. That doesn't mean they won't make mistakes--both in the draft and free agency, because even the best franchises do so--but they will figure it out. I have no idea if Zach Wilson will be good, but almost all of the moves have made sense. 

We've drafted one WR in the last 16 years who eclipsed 200 career catches: Jeremy Kerley. We just took Denzel Mims and Elijah Moore in back-to-back drafts. That's more pure talent at WR than we've drafted in a decade and a half. We're actually trying to acquire weapons, imagine that? We're actually focusing on the OL again, imagine that? We're trying to support our young QB, imagine that? We flipped a bust QB for a potential Top 40 pick while resetting the QB salary clock with a better QB prospect. The Adams trade was highway robbery. 

Still, this is only really Year 2 of JD's reign. Two drafts. A rookie head coach. I won't be mad if we go 6-10, as long as we see the key signs of a bright future from young players. This will take time, but we're well on our way.

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