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Things you can say during sex and at family dinner. Keep it PG rated

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4 minutes ago, New York Mick said:

Damn that’s hard

Sit here

I’m glad your sister came over

Your Mom’s taste better 

Stop playing with it and eat it

You’re going to choke 

Want me to toss the salad 


Take smaller bites.

Let me know if the batter is properly salted.

Wet or dry rub on the meat?

This smell off to you?


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Yes, I'd love seconds.

No mom,  you aren't invited.   Neither is Aunt Carole.

I'm done, I couldn't possible have anymore...   Well, Ok

Wash your face, you made a mess.

I'm the Man, I get served first.   (followed by, Yes Dear)


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22 minutes ago, Jetsfan80 said:


This is supposed to be innuendo, joe.  Not what you actually say at dinner time at The Villages.  

This Villages that you speak of where is this place. 

I live in a town in  N.J in my own home without a mortgage. 

How about you. 

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