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Small batch mafia

Lizard King

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1 hour ago, Jetsfan80 said:


He only likes @Nynaeve.  No fair.  I get it, but still, no fair.  

What gets me is his inconsistency. I mean, just about all his downvotes seem so random, like why would that post elicit a downvote from anyone, let alone someone who, I assume, doesn't even understand the context behind it? It's so funny.

I'm beginning to think he's just another bot @CTM unleashed in a live test to improve @GATA's functions.

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1 hour ago, Lizard King said:

PM over the weekend. Game starts Monday. 

if anyone needs an intro on the rules, ask someone to give you a quick refresher now. Anyone who is willing to be a quick tutor in a private PM fee free to speak up 




Mods like Adam Gase coaches.


I am excite.

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2 hours ago, Naeann said:

I swear the posts saying pms are going out over the weekend wasn't there when I posted that. :P  Lizard can I be a ghost and find out the roles???  So I can read along.


You can play! I haven’t done Jack sh-t yet 

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