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Jets Sign Former Niners DE Ronald Blair

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10 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

I sincerely hope some of the very good guys we have here now are not by passed due to a coaches familiarity.  We have a number of good players I do not want pushed aside.

I think we have enough on board to have a really good healthy rotation and some dangerous MF's at that.

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4 minutes ago, BettyBoop said:

Remarkable to me how many posters want to get rid of Fotokasi who has produced (and is cheap!) and write-off Zuniga.  Remarkable.

You would think people would have learned after the "Q is a bust" chatter after the 2019 season.

Not saying Zuniga will become that kind of player or make that kind of jump in year 2, but give the kid a chance. Unless the new coaching staff sees or knows something we don't, I'd like to see what he can do this summer.

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Ronald Blair

The NY Jets announced that they have signed defensive end Ronald Blair.  Blair previously played for Robert Saleh with the San Francisco 49ers.  He has 13.5 career sacks and has been limited by injuries. In order to make room for Blair on the roster they waived Sharif Finch.

The #Jets have signed DL Ronnie Blair and waived DE Sharif Finch.

— NYJ Communications (@NYJetsPR) June 1, 2021

Some additional info on Ronnie Blair:

Blair ruptured his ACL midway through the 2019 season, which should have given him enough time to return for 2020. Unfortunately, something went wrong while Blair was on the operating table, leaving him sidelined for the entire year. Now, Blair seems to have recovered from his botched ACL surgery and he’ll have the summer to prove it.

Before all of that, the former 2016 fifth-round pick enjoyed a spot in the Saleh’s defensive rotation, compiling 13.5 sacks, 27 quarterback hits, and 22 tackles for loss across four seasons. Blair could help provide depth for the Jets at multiple spots up front, including the edge where they desperately need a lift over last season.

Visit our forums to read more about Ronald Blair.


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8 hours ago, Jdub03 said:

What do you think Fatukasi's value is, and do you think it will be for picks or a player? We have a lot of picks in 2022?

Two #1’s. Any player JD trades, he gets two #1’s. 

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20 hours ago, mrcoops said:

Definitely a Saleh guy who will be good for the locker room. Saleh has spoken in the past about how much he loves this guy.

Very solid signing, good player when healthy. It's the staying healthy bit that's the challenge for him.

Who is the Jets strength and conditioning coach now? Did that change? I would think that's something that Robert Saleh would like to address here . . . or already did (I don't know). 

I think a part of the problem even well before the pandemic is that a lot of times bigger guys don't make the effort they should in the offseason to stay in shape. Then, they try to cram it in right before training camp. I don't know anything about Blair or his work ethic, it's just a general observation. 

Doesn't appear to me that Saleh would fall over himself to sign a slouch, so that much is good. Seems pretty low risk/high reward to me.

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