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Bleach Report- missing Justice ( Crater) may be our missing piece


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9 hours ago, MichaelScott said:

There are a couple reasons some people should be banned from starting threads, today you've made me think of one 

His brains are addled from stroking out. Not joking. We're both brain injury victims in our way (me, coma), which changed my life in ways that no-one can imagine. I may look 100% on the outside, but the 2% that's fugged up on the inside made life a trial for a very long time. The medical community failed me terribly. I finally found a Neurologist who thinks outside the box, and he actually apologized to me for everyone else.  Imagine that. 

That being said, stroking out probably wouldn't change him either way. He's highly cerebral, so having a couple of strokes was a stroke of bad luck. Word Play. He's impulsive. I hope he behaves himself and doesn't ever get banned. 


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