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Happy birthday TeddEY and the legendary and iconic slowmoe57

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4 hours ago, TeddEY said:

Thanks!  It’s an honor to serve this community.

Admit it, you’re just here because in your line of work Jets fans are a potential client list.

Happy birthday fellas.

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3 hours ago, PS17 said:

Happy birthday @TeddEY. When are you changing your name to ZacharEY? Or maybe EYkapono

I mean, does anyone want that?  It’s pretty much been a curse.

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3 minutes ago, slowmoe57 said:

Thank you. I am very honored by this. 

You well deserve it. Not sure why they even put the other guy in with you. 

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23 hours ago, Spoot-Face said:

HappEY BirthdEY to onEY of mEY favoritEY postEYrs @TeddEY!

You got an upvote from The Gooch. This is an unprecedented achievement. 

edit: already ninja’d

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