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Russian Sleep Experiment Mafia 2021 - Game Over - Town Wins!


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Russian Sleep Experiment Mafia



Undisclosed location, Soviet Facility, 1947

In a single file line, the subjects are brought into the facility wearing chains around their wrists and ankles. They are led down a dark hallway and gathered in a large chamber with two way mirrors. Behind one of those mirrors, a shadowy figure is waiting. As the subjects gather in the chamber, a soldier begins removing their chains. Upon completion, the doctor stands up from his creaky chair, flicks a lit cigarette that is put out when it hits a reddish puddle in the corner, and walks into the chamber. At first, all the subjects can hear are heavy boots approaching. A sudden light from above reveals deep, dark eyes and yellow teeth. He begins..

"SUBJECTS, you have been gathered here for the benefit of mankind. As you know, you will be sealed into this chamber and observed for the next 30 days. We will be administering an airborne stimulant that will deprive you of sleep. We assure you that this stimulant is safe to use on humans and will not cause long-term damage. Some may call you prisoners, some may call you criminals, but you are making your country proud, comrades. The data this research will provide has the possibility to save countless lives: soldiers, doctors... citizens. You are all heroes in the eyes of the motherland.

You will not have contact with anyone outside of this chamber until after the experiment is finished, is that clear? Upon finishing this experiment, you will promptly be released from your prison sentence as promised along with a modest payment.

If anything were to happen to you, not that anything will, your families will be provided with a detailed death certificate and your financial gain will be delivered to them. Once again, your country thanks you for your sacrifice. The best doctors in the world will be on call throughout the experiment and action will be taken if deemed necessary.  

Now I will step out and seal the door. Then, the stimulant will begin mixing with the air. You may feel loopy at first but as you get used to the agent, your body will stabilize. 


Good bye for now."

The doctor exits the chamber and the door seals behind him. He gives the signal to one of his researchers sitting at a desk filled with levers, knobs, buttons, and lights. The researcher twists a lever releasing the stimulant and nods back to the doctor.

Let the research begin...



1. Crush luv Sokolov - Research Participant  (Shivved N1)

2. 80 Novikov - 1x Lie Detector

3. Dr. Barry Zakharov - Scum Psychologist (Poisoned N1)

4. Spoot Kushnir - VT

5. Jvill Popov - Jailkeeper

6. Jif Turgenev - VT

7. Greenseed Lebedev - Parity Cop

8.  Kdels Ivanov - 2x Vig

9. Nyn Smirnov - Scum Researcher (Lynched D3)

10. Dice Preobrazhensky - Scum Researcher (Lynched D1)

11. Nolder Yahontov - VT

12. Arsis Chernyshevsky - Insomniac Serial Killer (Lynched D2)


Game Index:

Day 1 Final VC: Page 11

End of Day 1: Page 11

End of N1: Page 13, Page 13

Day 2 Final VC: Page 15

End of Day 2: Page 15

End of N2: Page 16

Day 3 Final VC: Page 16

End of Day 3 (Final Scene): Page 16

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Game Rules:

  1. If there is no majority on day 1, the person with the highest vote count will die. If there is a tie at the end of day, I will random.org the poor bastards and let fate decide. 
  2. A failure to reach a majority lynch beyond Day 1 will result in a RANDOM LYNCH.
  3. No rules on character reveals or role reveals in this one. That's up to you.
  4. Obviously there is no outside communication.
  5. Please bold your vote. I'll still count un-bolded votes but if I don't see it, that's your fault.
  6. Unvoting is required. Not because it's an arbitrary rule, but because voting without unvoting is a valid strategy, and allowing votes without unvoting would kill that. I'm open to striking this rule should enough players want.
  7. I reserve the right to mod-kill, mod-slap, or in Dan Campbell's case, bite your knee caps for breaking any rules, playing outside of the spirit of the game, or just being an overall dick.
  8. I also reserve the right to add to, remove, or otherwise alter any of the rules stated above, or below, if it's in the best interest of fairness and the game.
  9. If you have any grievances, gripes, or need to arrange for a sub, please direct them to me via your role PM, rather than in the game thread.
  10. Expect flavor in the scenes but there may be some useful information as well.
  11. Beep
  12. Boop
  13. Bop
  14. GFY
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24 minutes ago, Spoot-Face said:

What am I doing here? I'm not a criminal! I'm not even Russian! I'm a fur trader from Ukraine! I was only here on business, and some guys in a van just grabbed me off the street! You can't hold me! I'm supposed to be home for dinner! My wife is making chicken Kiev tonight! She's gonna be so mad!

Vote Spoot

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22 minutes ago, Greenseed4 said:

Is anyone in this for the money? I signed up because I like drugs. 


I signed up because I heard that I would be probed often by a lot of dudes in this experiment.  Honestly, I'd feel bad taking money, just glad to be a part! 

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11 minutes ago, Barry McCockinner said:

How the F are we supposed to inhale the airborne stimulant if we're wearing gas masks? No wonder Nolder is already sleepy.

Haha yeah not sure why that’s the main picture when googling this thing but I meant to mention that the gas masks were removed with the chains. I will edit that soon. I was uh, russian when I wrote it. 

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3 hours ago, The Crusher said:

I signed up because figure eventually they feed us? Right, 

You can have some of mine, Crush.  I'm still doing the intermittent fasting.  Down to 271 lbs.  Yeah, still incredibly fat.  But I've lost 25 lbs since late March, yay!

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1 minute ago, Jetsfan80 said:

You can have some of mine, Crush.  I'm still doing the intermittent fasting.  Down to 271 lbs.  Yeah, still incredibly fat.  But I've lost 25 lbs since late March, yay!

Today I learned 271 = “sexy” in adult league softball 


j/k, congrats my dude. 25lbs is legit. 

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