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Looking for 1 more GM for my fantasy leagues: ADDED INCENTIVE


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I run three 12-team leagues.  $200entry fee leagues with full payouts for top 4 finishers.  Half PPR.  In addition to the usual offensive rosters, we play 5 IDPs as well (2 LB, 2 DB, 1 DL).   Leagues have been going since 2001.  This is our 20th anniversary.  Well over half of the original GMs are still there 20 years in.  I now need only one replacement.  

Great leagues.  Lots of fun.  Very easy group of GMs to work with.  

PM me with your cell # and we will talk.

Keepers: Each team has two keepers (max 1 RB) that cost zero draft picks, as in Dynasty.  We call them "Rookie Keepers" because they have to be players drafted in their rookie season by the team.

For 2021, we are adding an incentive for anyone who adopts this orphan team:  You will get the following THREE (instead of the usual two) RKs which will cost you only a single last round pick (for the extra keeper):  D'Andre Swift, Mike Evans and JK Dobbins.  So the extra freebie for your roster will be Dobbins.  Normally, any keepers beyond your free pair cost early draft picks.  But not this year for Dobbins.  Gives you a full season to decide which one will ultimately be your RK in future years as well.


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