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What Jet player do you predict will be biggest disappointment this year?

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Zach Wilson. Not because I’m rooting for him to fail, but because you’re all a bunch of unrealistic lunatics and the expectations you have for him are based  in LSD and 13 different personality disord

Braden Mann, but only for the sexiest reasons.

Mims is a great start.  But quite frankly, I'm prepared for all involved to disappoint me.  It's just beaten in to me.

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53 minutes ago, sirlancemehlot said:

Its not the strength I'm talking about.  Its the drive.  Wirfs talked about walking past the gym on the way to class and dreaming about the day he would break the record.  that speaks to something more than sets and reps.  Its character and determination and a will to succeed.  That's what he's got over Becton.

I think its a little early to determine that Becton lacks Wirfs' character, determination and will to succeed.  And even if Wirfs beats Becton by a bit on those categories, Becton is the more talented player and is a LT.  Give me that over Wirfs. 

The only way I'm taking Wirfs over Becton is if Becton proves to be soft or weak-minded.  Obviously no player can succeed with those characteristics.  But again, its far too early to be making that call on Becton.  Douglas did his research on the guy and made a call on draft day.  I don't think he takes Becton if those were legitimate red flags.

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I'm gonna guess Coleman.

I know he wasn't a big signing and maybe expectations aren't that high but he could be one of the starters at the RB position, he's a vet and he has experience/success in the same or similar scheme. However, with the addition of Carter and Ty/Perine fighting for roster spots and carries, I don't see Coleman beating these younger guys out, especially if Perine proves he can be an acceptable pass blocker.   

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