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“The Boys” Mafia Sign-up Thread

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1 hour ago, jvill 51 said:

No, not like that @JiFapono


It happened so fast he barely registered it. One minute Hughie Campbell was staring face to face with his girlfriend, and the next instant he was standing in the street covered in her blood, holding nothing but her severed hands in his own. A-Train, the fastest man in the world and member of the Seven, the beloved superhero group who protected the country and the globe, had slowed down just enough to offer a hurried apology before dashing off once again, had simply ran right through her at an incalculable speed, and she had died instantly. Vought International, the corporation that backed the Seven, offered only a couple token words of apology, a highly-lawyered non-disclosure agreement, and 45 grand in cash.

Hughie was as average as average gets, but the image stuck with him. And as he grappled with the PTSD and the stages of grief, he was eventually left just with rage. Rage at the whole system, rage at those who had been gifted with super-human abilities but no regard for those without those same gifts, rage at the Seven, and rage at the faceless corporation that made billions by enabling the whole damn thing. But he had no way to fight back.

Or did he?


Sign ups are open. Want to get at least 10, but the more the merrier. Still tinkering with the setup, but you won’t need to know anything about the source material or anything like that. Goal is to start by Wednesday


1. Spoot

2. Barry Cock

3. JiF

4. 80







OMG.. OMG.. Make me Billy Butcher , “ you cunt!”


soooo in 

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