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Poole signs with Saints. Youth Movement In Full Gear

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34 minutes ago, k-met57 said:

I hate to say it but when I think of Poole the word that come to mind is….replaceable 


The dude is a soon to be 29 year old nickel.

The Falcons didn’t even see fit to tender him at a super cheap rate and he’s been signing one year deals ever since.

Guidry showed some flashes as an UDFA last year after Poole got banged up and the Jets just drafted guys like Carter and Echols.

Poole was solid during his time here but I already moved past bringing him back months ago.

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1 hour ago, jeremy2020 said:

That is a really bad way to analyze a player's ability. Like really bad. 

Wait, now no one showing interest in a player is meaningless?

When we sign a player no one else was interested in it is?

This place can get awfully confusing ?

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4 hours ago, rangerous said:

Good for Poole. No sense in dissing the guy for shining elsewhere. The jets thought they had his position covered.

Guidry will play nickel back. He had some good moments last year.  Guidry, Hall, Austin, Maye, Joner.  Davis/Dunn/Carter/?/? Thats like a pre-kindergarten class.  But they all have speed and a few can hit very hard.  Biggest question mark on the team....the secondary.

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