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Wanted to change it up a bit and take a second to look at something that actually was happening at camp lol

Unlike Gase, I can't get enough of listening to this coach talk! Nothing earth shattering but worth a few mins to listen to. Some quick bulletpoints:

- Feels Moses was a great signing but Fant did a lot of good things for them last year and they are excited for the really good competition at the RT position 

- Re development, the best way to develop the young players is reps and more reps. We need them on the field to help them develop and we also need their reps to be able to evaluate them and know what we need to work with them on. Really believe some big contributors are going to come out of this group of guys people haven't seen before. 

- Re mood of players, the fact that the team is filled with so many young players means he has a group that are all so fired up to show off what they can do and prove themselves. It makes for an extremely energized and motivated team when seemingly all the players are looking to prove something. 

- Re Zach, gave the standard answer that he has faith in JD and he's only focused on the things he can control, the things that are infront of him that he can "touch"

Personally, I LOVE hearing what he said about player development what he said goes along perfectly with how I've been hoping they would approach the roster this year. He sounds like a man thats excited to roll with his young guys and isn't looking to bring in vet replacements. 🥳🥳🥳👍👍👍


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I'd imagine he's pretty furious at the Wilson situation although he'd never admit it. He's left with no credible alternative either so some of this work will feel wasted when the most important guy on the roster isn't there. Hard to evaluate anything when you have James Morgan and Mike White as the top passers. It's genuinely a shambles. 

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6 hours ago, MichaelScott said:

Re development, the best way to develop the young players is reps and more reps. We need them on the field to help them develop and we also need their reps to be able to evaluate them and know what we need to work with them on.

Except for...you know...quarterback. 

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12 hours ago, MichaelScott said:

Think about just how ass backwards and dysfunctional the hiring process was with Gase. We had a coaching vacancy, but kept a GM on his last leg who was effectively neutered when it came to the coaching vacancy because that GM had one foot out the door but was for some retained for some asinine reason.  Mac is kept while the owner and Peyton Manning pick a new coach.

This is some pretty significant revisionist history right here.  Many fans may have wanted Mac sent packing (e.g., I was very adamant that if Bowles was fired, Mac absolutely had to be too, specifically to avoid what followed), but the Jets never even slightly hinted in that direction at the time.  Rather, they actually doubled-down on Mac and it was widely reported that he was given even more authority, with direct say in the head coaching hire.  Mac pretty clearly picked Gase's stupid ass because that was the one he thought he had the least to worry about, to the point Gase even made public statements at the time of his hire about being happy about his minimized future involvement in the front-office side of things, compared to what he had done in his later days with the Dolphins.

Now of course Mac didn't account for the fact that Gase was not only laughably incompetent, but also batsh*t crazy, which is what led to the outcome.  However, let's not pretend like Mac didn't have a heavy hand in the decision, as I will refuse to accept even the slightest bit of excuse-making for either Mac or Gase, as neither will ever be employed by the NFL again for very good reason.

Douglas definitely got saddled with Gase when he came on and I don't blame him for that, but let's not pretend this is some long historical trend either, as that's the kind of excuse-making that flows around here at times to desperately attempt to find a way to reassign the blame the moment a person we previously blamed is no longer employed here.  It's the most laughably ass-backwards concept that constantly goes along here, used to feed such nonsensical conspiracy theories as the countless GM-in-hidings they've supposedly had over the years.

Now granted, this looks like a good relationship to start things off, but being only a few months in without a single game played, the reality is there's nothing that greatly differs it from the likes of the early days of Tanny/Rex or Bradway/Herm, so we have to hope this is the time they finally buck the trend that is simply no more than bad hires.

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