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Kelvin Benjamin released from Giants for stealing food from facility


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7 minutes ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

The Jets had video evidence every Sunday that Trumaine Johnson was stealing cash from them and they never cut him so this has to be fake

Actually that is true. It’s a cold case that’s being reviewed by authorities.

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1 hour ago, TokyoJetsFan said:

I can see how people would be fooled as NFL teams often hire people to watch hours of surveillance video from the cafeteria exit to catch players red handed just like this.

It is a common fact the corporations, when informed of minor thefts in the cafeteria or employees lockers, will, indeed, ask HR or Facilities staff to view security tapes to find the perp and track their movements.

Cameras and servers are so cheap these days that factories/office buildings can have 100s of cameras inside and outside of their properties.

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2 hours ago, Charlie Brown said:

Just a thought..

People don't steal food unless they are hungry.  He hasn't played football for a minute and he doesn't have money for food 









I agree that most people stealing food are probably hungry but I had a rich friend at our Ivy League school who was suspended for stealing boxes of cereal from the refectory (more than once) -- all the while they were going out to dinner nearly every night at fancy restaurants that I couldn't afford.  Some people do it just because they can, or for a thrill. 

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1 minute ago, David Harris said:

Printer paper doesn't count as "stealing" from the office, does it? . . . asking for a friend.


Technically you might print something having to do with work, right?

ya, dedicated worker, does work at home,,but for your 'friend' tell him to print a few work docs and spreadsheets and place on home desk,

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4 minutes ago, jeremy2020 said:

If you think the food thing is real.. you should re-evaluate your life. Teams will prepare meals for players to take home. 

I saw a few IBMers fired over this,, it was break room food but they were caught around quitting time when most folks left putting 12 packs soda, popcorn boxes, candy etc into over sized backpacks..

Idiots,, losing probably at the time, quite a few years back,  150K year job over soda

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