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‘21 Training Camp Tweets 7/29 (Zach Wilson is still in California probably Edition)

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Can we send this clown back to Miami?    

It’s the best thing for Becton’s development going up against Lawson everyday.   We’ll see how this matchup progresses as camp goes along.  

Also, these TC tweets have been thin af.  Not a lot of football insight happening. Just stating facts like - so and so runs a route. Catches a ball. Runs fast.  How about some broad observat

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49 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Can we send this clown back to Miami?  


for really this dude just tryna keep it a bean...

lol wtf... trying to hard.... 

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25 minutes ago, Jet Nut said:

Links to all those in the media mocking the Jets.  ESPN & NFLN just report that hes not here, the snag appears to be over blah, blah, blah.  No one mocked the Jets when Darnold held out or when Revis had a longer hold out.  Its here and pretty much nowhere else, no one is mocking us

Its kind of expected that you would agree with all the Manish types, lets face it, youre a "the sky is falling" type of fan

Plenty of negative national attention that could have abs should have been completely avoided.  
ive stated clearly that this will have little to no impact on the team the Jets ultimately field, it’s just stupid sh*t that stupid organizations do. 

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41 minutes ago, JiFapono said:

I'm curious, havent heard any updates, seems to be flying under the radar....but did Zach Wilson show up?  Is he signed?  Havent heard much on it.

gold GIF

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20 minutes ago, Sarge4Tide said:

If I didn't know better, I might think having a better offensive line directly translates to a stronger running game......

Very true...but success in the running game while only in shells means almost nothing.

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"Why would NYDN hire this guy?" is a real question in a "Training Camp" thread where the most talked about topic isn't anything going with training camp, but is about that reporter...

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