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White over Morgan for backup?


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3 hours ago, Jet Nut said:

Then its my bad, thanks

But that wasnt even the main point.  

If you weren't calling for that pick, then its time to stop.

If you didnt cry that we let him slip past us at or right after the draft, its time to stop

If you compare any of these players as better options to a QB you've never seen throw a ball, especially one you have no clue about youre really just a whiner and nothing more.  

All but one of those WRS are V Smith, J Smith or any other POS we could find on the FA market.  

I wanted OL like I did in the 2nd round this year, but I’m glad we went WR there now

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On 8/1/2021 at 11:56 AM, kevinc855 said:

Some real interesting tweets recently and then featured here in Ciminis latest write up. 

 White and Morgan split the reps during Wilson's absence, giving the coaches and front office an extended look at the two young quarterbacks. White wasn't great, but he outperformed Morgan, and it wasn't close 


Harrr… fake message in the bottle.

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Performances in exhibition games will probably tell the tale. Although many coaches seem to go more with practice and how the player impresses coaches in terms of understanding the offense. But you can understand about how to run plays but not execute on Gameday. I still feel that JD will sign somebody even if he has to wait for final cuts. 

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Mike White vs. James Morgan
For now, Mike White is your second-team quarterback while James Morgan mans the third team.

This will be an interesting battle to monitor. From what I have gathered – both from watching on Monday and from what we have heard throughout the offseason – White may have been a bit more consistent, but I think Morgan’s peaks are more impressive than White’s.

Morgan is a confident passer and delivered some nice tight-window throws. He has a fairly good arm and is capable of threading the needle. White’s arm talent rarely stands out in any sort of special way. Morgan also had a long scrambling run in 11-on-11s.

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