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KRL Camp Notes (8/4/21)


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33 minutes ago, Alka said:

Did the offense silence him, or did Becton have something to do with that?

One and the same, Wilson did his part from the pocket and Becton did his part at LT

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On 8/4/2021 at 3:02 PM, KRL said:

General Notes

- Practice ran 2 hours and 20 minutes

- They were in jerseys & shorts again, so in one week they've been in pads one time (rant over)

- Josh Johnson was signed as the veteran QB he's wearing #9.  He took no live reps

- Alijah Vera-Tucker didn't practice, he was replaced at LG by Dan Feeney and Alex Lewis

- In dead periods of practice Morgan Moses and George Fant would pull Mekhi Becton to the side
to talk about "kick slides" and hand placement

- Nice bounce back performance by the offense which allowed them to win the day.  Strong running
game and an impressive performance by Zach Wilson 

Player Notes

- There were 1 on 1's today between the WR & CB, here are some highlights:

  * Bless Austin showed improved coverage skills as he had a breakup against Elijah Moore
    and a leaping INT against Denzel Mims.  Is he finally going to take that step and be a
    complete CB?
  * Impressive positional coverage displayed by Michael Carter (CB).  He was able to mirror
    the receiver and get multiple knockaways in his reps
  * As usual excellent footwork displayed by Elijah Moore shaking Marcus Maye among others
    in his reps to get open
  * Corey Davis displayed strong hands reaching around Bryce Hall and snatching a TD in one
    of his reps

- Very effective run game displayed by the offense in the first period of 11 on 11's.  Some

  * Tevin Coleman for a 15+ yard run to the right
  * Ty Johnson for a 20+ yard run to the right
  * Michael Carter for a 10+ yard run to the left
  * LaMical Perine with a 20+ yard up the middle, where he actually delivered a "blow" when
    the defenders tried to wrap him up
  * Austin Walter with a 10+ yard to the right

QB Notes

- I don't know if Mike White and James Morgan can actually play (pre-season will give us an
indication) but I'll give them credit for being efficient in their reps.  There are no
fumbled snaps, very few penalties and not that many INT's.  They seem to have a clue

- Strong bounce back performance by Zach Wilson in all phases.  Whether he was in the pocket
or on the move he was accurate, displayed excellent arm strength and "threw receivers open"
before they came out of their routes.  Some of his highlights were:

  * A 20+ yarder to Keelan Cole before he finished his route
  * A 15+ yarder to Jamison Crowder off of a misdirection in the pocket
  * A 15+ yarder to Elijah Moore (with velocity) while falling away
  * A 30+ yarder down the sideline to Elijah Moore 
  * On Monday Wilson held the ball and hesitated during the red zone 7 on 7 period.  Today
    there was no hesitation and he dominated the period with multiple TD's.  He seemed to
    learn where the holes are in the secondary and he attacked


- Zach Wilson
- Bless Austin
- Michael Carter (CB)
- Michael Carter (RB)
- Elijah Moore
- The running game      


- Let's see the defense recover tomorrow

How did Mims fare today?

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On 8/4/2021 at 5:29 PM, Joe Willie White Shoes said:

Maybe the mass Becton panic can go away now?  I'd rather see him blocking a fast, versatile pass rusher every day in practice than the edge rushers the Jets have been rolling out the past 15 years or so (since Abraham was traded).  This kind of competition only makes players better as opposed to some faux QB controversy that only 1)makes beat writers like Cimini happy and 2) takes reps away from young and developing players that need time on the field rather than watching and "learning " as Grandpa takes snaps while "mentoring" them.  

It’s the SOJ mentality that has us beaten down . Becton probably had the best rookie year from a Jets O lineman since Brick/mangold but now since we actually have a good edge rusher we automatically assume the negative that Something is wrong with becton .. NOT that Lawson has been great in camp 

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