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Fake Story -- Luck to return

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Well, if Sportsnews 2K22 tells all 6 of its followers, then it must be true

Sports News 2k22
BREAKING: Andrew Luck has informed the Indianapolis Colts that he is coming out of retirement for the 2021 season

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Andrew Perloff


"The Colts talked to him before they made the Carson Wentz trade. .... Nothing has come out about what exactly was said. But he had to leave them with this impression that I'm not playing football." - Peter King talked about Andrew Luck on @dpshow

9:35 AM · Apr 21, 2021


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1 hour ago, TeddEY said:

Are you unfamiliar w/ Barry?  I thought you were a fan.

He's Barry McCockinner on twitter.  Gets all kinds of sports blue checks to pick up his posts like this.

I stole this name from someone on an online poker site before I ever saw Barry McCook on Twitter.

I do think I follow the actual bmcc on Twitter now though.

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I still get surprised/can't believe some of the stuff people will run with and post. There is a lot of stuff on the internet lol. I hear Twitter has gotten better with banning accounts that only post BS lol but the internet it still not a place known for its overwhelming accuracy. 

Something like this and you either won't or can't link where you got it from, you probably shouldn't start a thread about it. Just sayin...

@Flea Flicking Frank

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