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New York Knicks fans: Evan Fournier is absolutely balling out of control for Team France!

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I was PG stressing out before the addition of Kemba Walker but now I'm pretty fired up about this Evan Fournier addition. The more research I've done the more I like this kid (and still only 28 years old).

I really hope he doesn't have success against our USA kids tonight @ 10:30 but Evan Fournier has been destroying the basketball globe ? during these Tokyo Olympics. He's their leading scorer and has pretty much been to team France what Kevin Durant has been for our team USA; and has led his Country into the Gold Medal game (tonight).

• He's had one bad game against Iran. Only scored 3 points and only shot 1/4 and only played 14 minutes etc but other than this one game? He's been lights out and absolute FIRE ?

Vs. USA = 28 Points (11/22 FG), 4 Rebounds, 1 Assist and 1 steal.

Vs. CZECH = 21 Points (8/13 FG), 3 Assists, 2 Rebounds and 1 steal.

Vs. Italy = 21 Points (7/18 FG), 4 Assists and 3 Rebounds.

Vs. Slovenia = 23 Points (8/16 FG), 5 Rebounds and 3 Assists (bye-bye Luka Dončić).

All 5 games combined = Evan Fournier.

96 Points.

37/73 (FG% of 47.9%).

15/36 (3PT% of 41.7%).

16 Rebounds.

13 Assists.

2 Steals.

+/- Differential of + 40 points.


All 5 games combined = Kevin Durant.

95 Points.

36/67 (FG% of 53.7%).

12/31 (3PT% of 38.7%).

26 Rebounds.

18 assists.

6 steals.

6 blocked shots.

+/- Differential of + 74 points.

No. I'm not saying he's "Kevin Durant" but he's been pretty damn good and I'm just guessing right now but I'd say that all 3 of Kevin Durant/Luka Dončić/Evan Fournier have been the 3 best basketball players throughout Tokyo Olympics thus far.

(I'm just hoping that he doesn't go off on our team USA again tonight and I'll 100% be rooting against him and to fail come 10:30).


And I also never knew he had these types of leadership qualities about himself either.... This guy is a Country/Team leader. 



The more research I've done (because I've never watched Orlando/Boston games on a consistent basis) I'm realizing that he's more than just a spot up 3 point shooter (Reggie Bullock) because he's able to not only put the ball on the floor but he's also able to drive and create shots for both himself and his teamates, moves well within the ball and man can he flat out score the rock.

I'm A+ excited.

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